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WO71 347Clarke, Thomas (prisoner 31)1 May 1916 - 13 May 1916

File relates to the field general courtmartial of Thomas Clarke [Irish Republican Brotherhood], held on the 2nd of May 1916 at [Richmond Barracks, Dublin]. The courtmartial was presided over by Brigadier General C. G. Blackader (president), Lieutenant Colonel G. German and Lieutenant Colonel W. J. Kent. Charge against Clarke was that 'he did an act to wit did take part in an armed rebellion and in the waging of war against His majesty the King such act being of such a nature as to be calculated to be prejudicial to the Defence of the Realm and being done with the intention and for the purpose of assisting the enemy'. Clarke pleaded not guilty to the said charge, but was found guilty and sentenced to 'Death by being Shot'.

File includes material certifying that Clarke was executed at 4.15 a.m. on the 3rd of May 1916 at Kilmainham Gaol Dublin along with P.H. Pearse and Thomas McDonagh. 'With reference to your No. P 1, dated 2nd May, on the subject of Execution of Rebel Prisoners - I have to report that the following prisoners were duly executed :-... ' Major General Sandbach.

One witness statement is contained in the file and is the Statement for the prosecution of Second Lieutenant S. L. King, 12th Enniskillen [Inniskilling] Fusiliers as follows: 'Between 10 and 11 am Tuesday 25 April 1916 I was in Sackville Street. 2 men rushed across from the direction of the Post Office, and took me prisoner taking me into the main entrance of the Post Office. While I was detained there I often saw the prisoner. He appeared to be a person in authority although he was not in uniform. Some of the men obtained a key from him at different times and some wore uniform. I have no doubt that he was one of the rebels.' On cross examination by Clarke the witness stated 'Whilst I was in the Post Office I was very well treated.' Clarke called no witnesses in his defence and made no statement.

File also includes a hand drawn map of Arbour Hill [Detention Barracks], showing the position of the graves of Pearse, McDonagh and Clarke as marked on the map 1, 2 and 3 (13 May 1916, 1p).

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