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WO71 355MacDiarmada, Seán (prisoner 91)24 April 1916 - 8 May 1916

File relates to the field general courtmartial of Seán Mac Diarmada/Sean McDermott [Irish Republican Brotherhood; Irish Volunteers], held on the 9th of May 1916 at [Richmond Barracks, Dublin]. The courtmartial was presided over by Colonel D. Sapte (president), Major W. R. James and Major D. B. Freur. Charges brought against Mac Diarmada were that: 1. he 'Did an act to wit did take part in an armed rebellion and in the waging of war against His majesty the King such act being of such a nature as to be calculated to be prejudicial to the Defence of the Realm and being done with the intention and for the purpose of assisting the enemy' and 2. he 'Did attempt to cause disaffection among the civilian population of His Majesty'. Mac Diarmada pleaded not guilty to the said charges, but was found guilty of charge 1. and sentenced to 'Death', and not guilty of charge 2. Charge Sheet and confirmation of sentence included signed by General J. G. Maxwell. No specific details of Mac Diarmada's execution [12th May 1916] included in the file.

Six witnesses for the prosecution were called and their statements are included. They include Second Lieutenant W. H. Ruxton 3 Royal Irish Regiment, who stated that Mac Diarmada was among a number of parties who surrendered to him on Parnell Street, Dublin on 29th April [1916]. Lieutenant S. A. L. Dowling, 3 Royal Irish Regiment claimed he took the names of 23 'rebels' who surrendered in Sackville Street and that Mac Diarmada was among them. This list (marked as [exhibit] Y) is included in the file and Mac Diarmada's name is included as Sean McDermott. Addresses are also included in this list of names. Names are as follows: ? D'arcy; Thomas Clarke; Sean McDermott; Capt. Leo Henderson; John Madden; Richard Hickey; Robert Murphy; John Bulger; Thomas Rath; John Doyle; Patrick McManus; Anthony Swan; Charles Purser; Patrick James Maguire; William Ryan; Pat Reilly; Daniel Courtney; Tom Croake; William Power; John Keir; Henry Turner; Timothy Tyrnell.

Part of file missing including part of the witness statement of Captain Henry C. de Coursey Wheeler, Reserve of Officers. No statements for the defence included on file.

File includes a copy of the Irish Volunteer publication Vol. 2 No. 72 [exhibit X] and a copy of the bottom part of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic showing Mac Dairmada's name [exhibit B]. Also includes a note [exhibit D] from Seán Mac Diarmada, Liberty Hall to man in charge on camp. Frederick St. 'I want all your men to report to me at Liberty Hall by 11 a.m. today Monday with full equipment' (24 April 1916, 1p).

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